Thursday, July 31, 2014

Virginia's birth Story: Wednesday (4/6)

I know, this saga is getting long... but I wanted to remember it and so should you.

Part 1, 2, and 3... gosh that does make it seem long!

Thrilled, She is...

OK, we left off with the warm and fuzzy feelings that V shouldn't need to be there for more than 48 hours. Perfect, just a little longer of a visit than we'd expected.

Charlie's parents had said they would come visit and keep us company in the morning.

When they came, we had a little small talk and made our way over to V's new home, the Special Care Nursery, for which I had made myself VERY familiar.

Charlie's mom and I walked in on the Neonatologist doing rounds. She said that she was still waiting on the C-Reactive Protein  (CRP) lab to come back, but her White Blood Cells were on the decline which was great (from 39 to 35... not the ideal but getting better) and that her temp was regulating and her breathing were better so baring something else "off" she should be good to go home the next day.

We had a great visit from both Charlie's mom and dad. Then my mom came to visit after dropping MM off at a friend's house. She was sitting with me while I was nursing V when the Nurse Practitioner came by and told me bad news. Her CRP was high and that they would need to keep her an additional day and if the CRP was still high they would need to do a Lumbar Puncture to rule out Meningitis.


I. Was. Devastated

Charlie came back to a semi-hysterical wife and a very unhappy mother-in-law. He was given the second-hand story we'd just heard. After I nursed V and let her get back to napping we went back to our room. I lost it, like unable to breath, saying every prayer I could find, and (per my usual) my mind was going to THE worst possible place. It always jumps to the worst, call me a pessimist, I know it's the truth.

We pulled ourselves together and after lunch went to see her again.  The same neonatologist stopped by to really give us the deal. If her White Blood Cell count came back lower and her CRP was down they wouldn't need to do the lumbar puncture. But, if things still looked like they weren't progressing and the CRP was still high (it was 9 before and if it was at least a 5 we wouldn't need the puncture) she explained that she was getting grey hair from the fact that V looked perfect, but these levels were still high. And if we did have to do the puncture and there was no meningitis she would have to keep her there for much longer. She was really thorough in her explanations and it really did make sense as to why they were keeping her and giving her these tests. Charlie, of course, missed this conversation too so he tracked down the Dr. to get the 411 from her.

I believe we didn't leave until about 4 or something. Our dear friends came to visit and Charlie went to get him and I dinner (they were serving us hospital meatloaf, does anything sound less appetizing?) we were back and forth for nursing and putting V down for naps.

I had many a pep-talks with V about getting those levels down so she could skip that minor horrible test that she would be promised.

Thus ends Wednesday.

Also, the meatloaf was the last meal I was given there before I was discharged. But, luckily for me and V they allow nursing moms who have babies in the Special Care Nursery to stay in their room (fo free) they just don't get meals or meds. Praise God.. because those rooms are surprisingly expensive and insurance doesn't seem to like to pay for rooms for "no good reason"

OK, we're getting close.

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