Monday, June 23, 2014

Last Hurrah

We were living on the edge. In our terms.

It's a tough day when you admit that driving with a toddler that isn't going to nap at all, scares you. We have been those parents until this weekend.

When I arrived home from work on Friday afternoon, Charlie asked my thoughts on leaving before dinnertime (note: this is UNHEARD of in our house. We are bedtime drivers from the get-go). We agreed that this would really make us a traveling family if we could pull this off.

Before we even got halfway into the measly 3 hour trip we had to stop for dinner. This may have been my need more than MM. I mentioned on Instagram and Facebook that there was a teeny escape attempt as I was paying for dinner, MM pushed the door open to this particular Subway and ran her little legs into the parking lot.

My pregnant heart that is filled with double the amount of blood almost had a heart attack and had a little PTSD as we were eating.

Once we got past that and a MUCH needed poop diaper, MM was the little peach that we knew she could be.

Immediately upon reaching the beach,  we all relaxed and bit and had a few drinks.

Perfect size? No?

Also, she went pant-less for 80% of the time. We are a wild and crazy bunch we are.

When we got to the actual beach MM was NOT a fan of the sand and/or the water.

But things go much better when Nana is involved.

I hope MM had as good of a time as we did with all of the grandparents around because this is about the last time she is going to be the center of all their attention.

We are 1 month our from the "due date" (what a loose loose term) and that means MM is something around 1 month away from being a sister.

We have begun putting our babies to bed and also giving them a bath these days, so I'm really hoping that is a good sign.

Also, it has officially started at work. They have hired someone new, and will be putting her in my seat once I'm gone. The REAL fun begins when I get over-due, I get angry especially when everyone is asking if I'm feeling anything. "Are you having any contractions?" "Are you dilated?" it goes on and on.

But who wouldn't want to know when another one of these will be coming out?

We have matching bellies and I am a primo beach photographer.

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