Monday, June 2, 2014

Give or Take

Welp, I'm reporting from 100 weeks + pregnant.

This is how I'd like to dress daily, aside from the diaper

It's getting to that point where I start getting really uncomfortable and sweaty everywhere doing pretty much all things. Sitting on the couch isn't comfortable, depending on the alignment of the stars and moon I am uncomfortable on one or all sides while sleeping, reading stories to MM isn't fun, even (sniffle sniffle) cuddling with MM while she's trying to get to sleep puts a lot of pressure on her younger sister. So don't be surprised when the next month and a half (who are we kidding, 2 months) will be mostly a complain-fest. Lucky you.

A while ago TOMS was having a deal on shoes for all the two legged in the family. I got MM the CUTEST tiny grey TOMS that she (and in turn I) consistently received compliments on ::Pats self on back::.

About 2 weeks ago the unthinkable happened (in the really cute shoe world), sweet Charlie was picking MM up from a friend's house and put said zapatos on the top of the car. When they got home, no shoes. He called back to the friends who, went beyond the call of duty and walked for at least a 1/2 mile and found a lone shoe. Which, honestly, may have been more sad than finding no shoes.

For some reason these little shoes meant SO much to us both. Of course MM could really care less as she isn't at the stage where she is attached to anything other than me when I'm trying to cook, clean, dress, shower, etc.

For a while we let it hang around the house, like a little mascot. I thought "well maybe if I find another one, or could order a spare... there has to be a website for spare shoes" NO. there isn't.  So then I was like "maybe I can like make it a little planter or something cute" but quickly came to the understanding I'm not one of those crafty cute people who can pull off Pinterest crap like that. I believe it was thrown away a few days ago, but I've been carrying the picture on my phone, finding the time to write this post, and this sweet little lone shoe was hanging out.  WHY WHY WHY was I having strong feelings for a SHOE? Ugh, pregnancy... I just need to remember the amazing amazing gift that comes from all this.

This is not the pool I'm talking about

So my most recent #firsttimemom experience happened today. I had re-posted an article on Facebook about Secondary Drowning. And of course, what do I do next? Ohh, take MM to the pool, where she falls down twice in the baby pool. Gets up with out crying, but I would keep those falls in the back of my mind for....ever. That night she starts coughing a little, I think about the pool. But she's acting fine, not a change in her personality at all, although being a little tired from being with the grandparents.

2:30 am she wakes Charlie and I up with A LOT of coughing. I FREAK THE CRAP OUT. I practically crash GOOGLE with all of the insane-mommy searching I'm doing about Post-Swimming persistent cough. I found some old random tube of Menthol rub that I'm sure my great-grandma used and prayed that she would make it through the night. I had dreams of Charlie sitting up with her while she slept and he didn't.

Cut to yesterday night when she had ALL of the SNOT and was having some slightly labored breathing and a fever that I can't get her to sit still enough to measure. I cover her in Essential Oils (Lavender, Peppermint and Melaleuca, if you care) call the Dr. as soon as possible this morning and direct Charlie to take her in after giving the whole story to the front desk lady making the appointment.

Turns out, she has a cold. Aside from a raw nose from lots of wiping, she'll be just fine. Really, I'm not ashamed that I freaked out, I'm sure the next time this happens Im not going to freak out as much. But then again, I might.

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