Saturday, March 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Saturday Edition)

Pretty Please join Jen with so many more

I know I'm late with these... bite me :)

It's been one of those weeks


I'll start by saying we went for Mary Margaret's 4 month doctor's visit and she is a whopping 16 lbs 5 oz!

Yes, that is 95 percentile... thank you.

We also talked with Ole' Doc Wilson about sleeping and he was 100% for Cry It Out (CIO) and not the wake up - rock-nurse do it again in 2 hours that we've been doing. Imagine that...

Also, She didn't get the fever that she had the day after her 2 months shots, so that is a big plus because I hate it when she has a fever... sweet girl

Along those lines, we started (the same night) the CIO thing. And you know what? It wasn't fun... but it WORKED! We do go and check in and rub the sweet tum tum and let her know we haven't left her alone with Buckley forever (ohh and re-position the paci) but IT WORKS! And it only took like 30 mins of the back and forth before she was out until like 12 am (which is a success... I know...)

Do I feel like a monster because I let her cry? A little. 
Can I get over that? YES

Right now I'm wearing a sweat shirt and sweat pants that I put on knowing good and well that they had spit up on them and smell. I really dress up on the weekends.


This is really cute, and the pug's intro is my favorite thing. I may or may-not have shed a few tears at work while watching this...


I'm getting MM one of these today, second hand of course... we're no money-bags around here. I'm so excited and I hope she really likes it and it changes our lives, like the jungle gym/ tummy time mat did for a while.


I had a ruff week this week... Aside from the CIO thing Wednesday, which was after waking up 8 times on Monday or Tuesday night. I had some grrr things going on at work, which is/was frustrating and lead to hurt feelings and then crying while I was pumping in the lactation room. 

At the exact same time things were angry face/ frustration at work, Charlie was offered a full time position at St. Thomas More Academy for the fall. Which is wonderful, and made me happy that we have options for the future. Nothing can really happen until the fall, so work things will need to have to be sucked up/ gotten over until then. But excitement that Charlie is so well liked there and he will be Just a teacher and father and not a teacher, grad student, father, two-city commuter, and required night owl.

Since I a tardy with this I have lots to link, specifically Jones who is doing this for the first time!

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  1. Crying it out is such a nerve grater for the first few nights but like you said 105% WORTH IT!