Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. I stayed home with Mary Margaret on Wednesday. It was glorious, other than the fact I took a mid-term that went, well, blah. It may be bad that I'm just trying to keep my head above water... but that's how things are these days. We watched The Ellen Show, took great naps and played in our new bouncey/ jumper thing. I repeat, Glorious!

2. One of my dear roommates and sorority sisters from college is coming to little Raleigh, NC from the THE city (I mean New York City). We had so so many drunken nights together, talking, laughing at each other and with each other. Things have obviously changed, and our lives are somewhat different but we are still good friends and can laugh and have a drink... which we all hope (including my lowest of tolerances) this weekend doesn't involve severe drinking. I may actually put on an outfit that is only 2 years out of style and get buzzed off 1 glass of wine. party

Can we say #tbf??
NewYorker is the one on the left, Christine
3. This week was so much better in many ways. a) I got an apology from my manager for the problems from last week and the way they were handled. 2) My interview for my promotion was scheduled and f) I was kept hyper busy which made the week go by very super lightning quick.

4. It happened. I was planning on waiting forrrrr another 1.5 months but We (I) broke down and gave Mary Margaret her first taste of real food today. I was eating my Lenten tofu burrito bowl from Moe's and after a hour and a half of odd crying and a weird nursing sesh she was doing her hourly stareatmommy'sfooduntilshecracks and I saw the cucumber sticks and thought "What can it hurt?" she LOVED it! Gummed it into submission and fed it to Buckley.

5. Our big plans tonight include, putting a endlessly fussy baby down sooner than usual, cheating on my lenten no drinking sacrifice, and watching the Tudors. Cray. Zay.

6. If I were a staying up late kinda person, I would be so so excited that Justin Timberlake is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. Being that I'm not, and will be going to bed promptly at 10:00, I may make the effort to watch it on Hulu the following day.

Charlie has had a little bitty man-crush on JTimberlake, And I have to say that I can't blame him... their hair is quite similar...

7. I've mentioned before that I am beyond excited about next weekend because b) Gran is coming into town, and to see her interact with Mary Margaret lifts my heart 4) Our very good friends are getting married [Yippee!] and @) I get to eat good food and drink on someone else's dime... yes I said it and I'm not ashamed!!

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  1. Doesn't everyone have a crush on Justin? Totally normal. And um that picture gives me 2 good reasons Charlie put a ring on it :-)