Saturday, March 23, 2013

Radio Silence

Sorry all hand-full of people that follow this blog, there has been a large chunk of radio silence on my part.

I'd go into the reasons I haven't been posting, but that would be boring so let us just say things have been busy and will remain busy but I'll at the very least try to bust one of these out on Saturday mornings during a blissfull Nap#1

Mary Margaret is 5 months old today!

BAM that just happened.

We are working hard hard on rolling over (no, we still can't do it), but we're making stride on the "quadripod" sit

5 months, dig it

We've also been working on the baby led weaning.

So far we've had

 She looks like a chubby old man in this picture


Sweet Potato (she threw her head back in ecstasy while nom nom nomming it. clearly the biggest winner)

We are quickly running into the close of a semester (and really mean like 5 weeks away) which means our already insane life will get even more insane with Easter, Thesis finishing, baptism (?, let's hope...poor heathen daughter), beach trips, Late nights, many many Saturdays and Sundays playing with mommy while daddy researches and writes.

I lied, I'm not writing this during nap time, MM is actually in the jumper in front of me gnawing on the jumper while I ignore her and type this. Lucky you sweet girl.

Ok, I feel like I'm out of practice with this writing my stream of consciousness... but anyway it feels good to be back at it.

Hope your brackets are doing as horrible as mine is. Enjoy your basketball

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