Monday, September 3, 2012

Truths about being 8.5 months pregant

I'm back... and still more pregnant than ever.


I don't want her to come just yet... but if she did, I wouldn't be too angry.

Here's why.

1) I can't even adapt clothes to fit me anymore

If you would please refer to my "mumu" post, you would see how bad things have gotten... for anything new I'm pretty much down to taking a curtain and pulling a badly done Scarlet O'Heara (ie. adding a fashionable looking belt) and calling it a shirt-too short dress- something to cover myself.

Or I just wear shirts that only cover close to half of my stomach and rely on the FULL panel of my bottoms to do rest of the dirty work.

2) I'm starting to get light headed while standing still

It can happen anywhere. But it has mostly been during Mass and waiting for my husband to finish conversations (selective? I wish)

It also happened while looking for something in the grocery store today. I'll be standing there like a normal person, and then BOOM. I'm beginning to sweat, and if I don't move again soon, I'll get that light-headed fuzzy behind the eyes kinda feeling. I thought I may have to sit down in the middle of the aisle, not embarrassing in the least.

I talked to a few people and the OB office (along with the wonderful Nurse Practitioner I work with) and she said everything is cool. It's just a mix of all of the fluid (at least 15 pounds right?) floating around my system, and the fact I have fairly low blood pressure. awesome.

3) My thighs are becoming best-of-friends

I'm not one of those girls who are bow-legged and have to FORCE their thighs to meet, but when in good shape I can get through a good walk without thigh rubbing issue.

This has ALL changed in the last few months. Especially since the humidity is over 100% for long stretches of summer. COMBINED with the fact I only enjoy wearing dresses/skirts while this pregnant.

It has really been making walks feel less appealing than normal.

4) Swimming is the only form of exercise I enjoy

Luckily we have a few pools in the area that I have access to, so it's not for lack of options. But (refer to #3) walking, which was my go-to form of exercise during this pregnancy, has become compromised. Also, if you live in the Southeast at all you know that the humidity has been out of this planet recently. So stepping outside for more than 3.8 seconds you begin to sweat profusely... even if you're just ONE person, not to mention TWO.

Those poolside get a nice view of the largely pregnant women and can then think how nice they look in their bathing suits. You're all welcome.

5) Sitting has become uncomfortable
Any position, almost any chair.

The pressure that the sweet little offspring is introducing to my diaphragm has become unbearable in any position other than laying. Which is making nap time become much more appealing that anything else. Including cleaning (surprised?). I would say that standing would be an option... but please reference #2 for more information on current standing status.

I do have the ever popular, and easy to hide when company comes, exercise ball. But unless we're watching TV that I am very interested in **Note, we don't have cable**, you can only just sit on the ball. Not balance a computer, or book (arms get tired). And that can only work for a while, before I start getting uncomfortable again.

6) I can see my feet still, but not much else

The belly has hindered me from seeing anything around the waistline, and down to my knees.

Charlie happened to let me walk around the mall (not that the mall is a big deal... Sears on the Brady Bunch Movie or anything) with a large white stain on my denim skirt.

It was toothpaste... how it made it past my belly I have no idea.

He doesn't proceed to tell me until I'm about this until HOURS later as I'm about to leave to go do school work at a coffee shop. He never realized I possibly couldn't see it, and assumed I'd wanted to leave it there. Super.

7) We are becoming more weird and potentially embarrassing

We gaining the traits that I will assume embarrass our future children.

Example: We have begun walking the stroller around the neighborhood with the car seat clicked in, but obviously no child. This has become confusing to neighbors who are not overly connected to us, but still know we are/were pregnant. They will tell the kids selling coupon books to congratulate us on the baby. We then have to tell them we are just "practicing with Buckley to make sure he'll do well walking with the stroller". I'm just pumped to have our stroller and car seat.

Her due date has been October 11, but she has been measuring a week big at the last couple of appointments, so I'm hoping that means she is going to come a week (or 2) early!

(If that is not true, please don't tell me... I don't really want to know)


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