Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Did you say.... Mom?

This is My mom with me and my kinda-cousin Anna

I don't think I need to tell you how many things to disregard  this picture

In close to 2 weeks... that sounds really short and really long... Depending on who you're talking to...

Charlie would say long, considering it's another 2 weeks he's not sleeping in the Big Bed. And the daily complaining about still being pregnant.

... I'm going to be someone's mom.

That is really, really weird and scary.

Someone for the rest of their lives is going to do the following:
1) Call me Mom (or mommy, or madre or mother [weird])
2) Call me when their mad at someone else just to vent.
3) Rely on me for money (Joke may be on them....)
4) Call when they don't know how to do something
5) Call when they need to know what can be washed with what
6) Call when they don't know how long something should be cooked
7) Avoid my phone calls
8) Be embarrassed by the way I dress
9) Sometimes dislike me
10) Always love me.

Here are a few more pictures of my mom... Just because we never see any OLD OLD pictures on here...

I have no idea where this picture was from, but I know my grandmother is in the left corner
Check out the vest with the skirt. Always on the latest trends my mom is.

This is mom at the wedding... She was having such a good time, some of my favorite pictures of her are from that night.

Since they say I'm having a girl, I am really excited because I can see from many generations that daughters will take care of their old and decrepit parents (and in-laws in my case) where sons don't always step up for the job.

So that's something.

The thought of someone relying on me, the way I rely on my mom, is terrifying.

But also wonderful... and really really scary.

I was 21 like a BLINK ago...

Now I'm not 21 and having a little girl. Who people say I will form and make into a grown person.

I have seen enough episodes of Intervention (I could be an addict to it myself) to know... that if Charlie and I mess up... we could have like a crack addict or something on our hands.

That's not frightening enough is it?

Happy Almost Halloween... that's a lie, Halloween is more than a month away.

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