Monday, October 1, 2012


The time has come.

We have reached the Due Month for Mary Margaret.

Note: This post is going to be COMPLETELY random in almost every way.

I keep trying not to be excited and dream that each weekend will be the last without meeting our sweet girl.

This is what I did this past weekend:

1) Slept until 8:00 at most everyday. It was wonderful, and something I don't think I've realized will be taken away forever.

2) Had a mini shower thing/ Coffee date with some old work friends. They were so sweet and when asked the date they thought I was going to deliver... they all went over my due date. Thanks ladies.

here are a few shots of our time together. It was the first time I've gotten a fancy coffee with little drawings on the top. My fancy drink drawings usually come from drinking Guinness...

2) Worked on my "Nesting" lists... Now, tell me, if I have to FORCE myself to complete the items, is it still considered "Nesting"? or more of just a good plan of things?

3) Part of the "nesting" list was paining the missed spots in the bathroom. This bathroom was inadvertently painted 1 shade too dark, and now feels like you are using the bathroom in a large square vat of sherbet. But it's my sherbet vat... and I'm trying to embrace it

4) MAY have felt a contraction. Ok, I'm not going into detail about what I felt (message me if you REALLY wanna know) but it was weird and happened when I was walking on the treadmill at the Y. Obviously gets me somewhat excited because I don't think I've felt one before. I've been telling everyone I've seen since :)

5) Hoped the Full Moon would do it's job, and put me into labor. I ate spicy foods the whole weekend, walked... did.... other things to help the cause (Charlie was thrilled). Nothing.
Read #4 for the big excitement.

All this being said, I'm officially done in believing Old Wive's Tales... well.

I may be having Charlie make this for me sometime in the next 10 days... It's a recipe for this Eggplant Parmesan from a Georgia Italian restaurant that apparently 300 or so women have eaten and gone into labor within a few days. No harm in trying right?

Here is a picture that everyone says really sums up Charlie and I well... I think it's the face I'm giving him... or the fact that little girls are helping him unwrap a present. I'm not sure any of that made sense.

Man... look at that belly... hm.

We had some very sweet friends drop by on Sunday and let us borrow some baby soothing items that we are too cheap to buy. Like a swing, and a baby bouncer/ loungie thing. The sweet wife is also pregnant and she looked WAY cuter than me (note she is about 17 weeks along... not the point) she was wearing cute little jeans, a really nice stop and animal print heels... she looked more put together than I do non-pregnant and she 1) is pregnant and 2) has an almost 2 year old... Her name is Danielle at Speaking of the Speights and this is a picture of her son Hudson thinking he was getting ANOTHER glass of plain juice (but it was a smoothie with KALE in it)!!!

I think my favorite part is that it looks like he has a very thin mustache... and that makes me giggle.

I've been trying to tell Mary Margaret that it's time to start packing up her things, grabbing her dolls and hair bows and making her way out of my body... She's had enough time in there. But I think I felt her having some imaginary tea with some stuffed animals or something, so she might be there for a little longer.

Stubborn  just like her mom.

I did have a dream last night that briefly included a High School youth adviser dressing up like Buddy the Elf... and that really makes me excited for Christmas...

So that's something.

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