Monday, October 8, 2012

Still Here

Yes everyone, I'm still with child...

I got to the point last week at work that I was going to just write out "I'm Here" on my whiteboard at my office, so everyone wouldn't feel the urge to find me and confirm that I am yes, still in the office, and still not in labor.

I tried my darnedest to fill this weekend with lots of events to make the time "fly".

Aside from forcing Charlie to help me clean house on Friday after work. We went to the Player's Retreat

I know, this picture is really creative...

The best part about this place... other than the really cheap PBR,  is that Charlie's parents went on their first date there, and also Charlie's dad went there for a beer RIGHT after Charlie was born (with Mom's permission of course). So there are many big events that happened in that bar. 

It would have been very appropriate for my water to break or something while I was there. But alas, no... still pregnant.

Saturday I slept in late (yay!) and had a hair appointment at Blo with the very trendy and gold-toothed Arielle (yes, like the Disney princess) she chopped my hair a wittle bit longer than I'd liked.. but it's still workable. And if needed I can just pull the mop up into a pony until I'm done working and no one will see the mess until it's grown out again.

I then had lunch and giggles with soon to be Aunt Callie. She is a freaking amazingly inspiring person... mostly because she's a badass...and she makes me giggle until I can't breath sometimes :) 

Then we went to Target where her purchases were the following:

New bra (on sale)
Cube-O-Wine (Costs more than the bra)
Cherry and Mixed Fruit Gummies (the initial reason we went)

Can you tell why I like her so much?

I then went home and forced Charlie to clean more. Specifically the cars and the dog.

We went to dinner/drinks with some good friends Hannah and Tanner downtown.
Note: Charlie hates Magicians... 

Of course in their freaky weird way of approaching people that don't like them, we were pegged to be "entertained" by the not completely lame magician at Sushi Blues... But we caught most of his tricks... so it wasn't that impressive and Charlie was able to get on with his night.

I will admit to having REAL sushi (real raw fish) and almost a whole Guinness while I was out. It was awesome. I felt like a rebel.

* Only a little more of this boredom... thanks for sticking around*

Sunday the temp had dropped ohhhhh... like 40 degrees and the rain/thunderstorms had set in so it was the perfect morning for the open air Mass that we were expected to attend.

Lucky for everyone the rain had subsided as did my water breaking hopes (a girl can dream) and it went swimmingly, aside from the NC State football training ground that was BLARING techno music right about the time the scripture was being read. Kids started dancing... it was an uplifting experience.

Once we finished the free lunch we'd gotten, we headed home were Soon to be Aunt Allison, also wonderful and has been there for me siiiiiince about 2nd grade. Which is a freaking long time to know someone. She also lives about 70 steps from my front door, so we're close.

We went to get our nails-did at a local nail place where we happened to wait a little longer than preferred for our pampering. But it was pretty good.

She then FORCED me to get a milkshake from Cook-Out... where I reverted back to my Fat-kid days and got a amazingly healthy Peanut Butter Fudge milkshake. It was fantastic.

So to sum up the weekend... I treated myself most of the time, did some house work. Spent money we naturally don't have and tried to keep myself preoccupied. 

Charlie and I have been using this montra when we (really just I) spend money that we shouldn't...

I love Parks and Rec. 
Stolen from YouTube... Natch.

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