Thursday, October 11, 2012

The day has come...

But she has not.

And I'm at work. You know how much I'm enjoying being with co-workers when I'm this close to due date. I work with a BUNCH of ladies, that... although they are all literate and can read this:

Technically, she isn't late yet.

There has been a pool going at work to see when she's going to come. So mean and cruel people have me going to October 19th and then a little beyond that. Gross. Why would you ever wish that upon someone? Rude.

In preparation for a very long and anti-climatic weekend. Here are the possible plans in zero particular order (other than the actual time of the event).

Cooke Street Carnival - We obviously didn't think we were going to make it this year. We have been to... every one they've had so far. So we might as well go this time. We thought we would be holding a sweet babe by then so, needless to say, we didn't make any plans. This is on Saturday so.. that's when we'll be going. An added plus for Charlie. They have food trucks and beer vendors, which is really want we need now, more food and booze.

North Carolina State Fair - Yes, I understand it is the best and worst of this amazing state. And the thought (and sound) of the State Fair seems kitchy...and there are a lot of rednecks and Nascar Racing game... and other hokey stuff. But. It only comes once a year. I like the frozen bananananas (with chocolate and nuts), and Charlie likes the Barbecue... not that it's hard to find around here. I will say that one year I saw a tractor pull... and as bubba as that sounds... it was really cool. There way a lot of fire coming out of tractor engines. No, I'm really not a redneck. I've never lived on a farm. And there is way more to North Carolina that this.

Note* the "Theme" for this year's fair is Bumper Crop of Fun. What the HooHaa does that mean? Welcome to North Carolina.


Friend's Birthday Party - There isn't really a "link" for this, other than a Facebook invite... which I'm not going to take upon myself to put on here. Well, because it's not my party. But it's on Saturday evening, and there has been serious hinting that s'mores might be involved... so I should probably check it out.

Any other suggestions are welcomed.

There has been one suggestion that I have a Bloody Mary tonight... Which sounds like a great idea. There is one brand of Bloody Mary mix that is AWESOME!! It's called Hot Mary by Freshies. It is amazingly spicy and I have only found that Whole Foods carries it, but it's chock-full of real ingredients that you can see. A zillion times better than ZING ZANG or whatever swill you've been mixing your vodka with. SO good!
I may need to send Charlie to the ABC Store for some Airplane bottles of Vodka (tells you hold often we drink clear liquor at our house... unless you count Moonshine... jk)

We have been eating on the Eggplant Parmesan (it took me 3 times to get that word spelled right) recipe that Charlie made on Wednesday night. It has been awesome.

It is supposed to have some magical (not like a magician) powers that will make you go into labor within 48 hours of eating it. We have had it for almost every meal for the last 1.5 days.

The only possible reason it may not work is because Charlie took some "creative liberties" with the spices...some that included... Cayenne seasoning because he didn't know we had a strategically hidden baggie (that sounds like drugs!) of red pepper flakes in the very tip top/back of the spice cabinet and other things he will admit to me in about a week.

Anyway you sprinkle the 1.5 pounds of mozzarella(?!)... this is a good recipe (Cayenne and all).

I may have just eaten some at 9:30am.

Please Please Please everyone "wish" Mary Margaret out of me soon. It's not that I'm in agony or anything... I'm just really anxious to meet her, and for her to make me feed her like a cow every 3 hours..
And other fun stuff like that.

This is what I just got on my e-mail....
and it is very upsetting/ depressing

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