Monday, October 15, 2012

41 Weeks

Happy Monday...
(I hope you read that with as much sarcasm as was intended)

Yes... I am still carrying a (hopefully still) small child in my abdomen.

Why... Is this post called 41 weeks?
Because that is the new predicted date that she will be born. This Friday... not last Thursday or Friday like originally suggested.

But???? Ohh, please contact my irritable uterus (thirty uterus) and/or posterior facing cervix for with any questions.
TMI? Maybe... Do I care? Certainly not.

Well Laura... What is the plan now??

Tomorrow I have a Not Stress Test... This is where they hook you up to a machine and little to the beeps and boops of her little heart to make sure she's still rockin and rollin in there ok. Doesn't hurt... I think it takes like an hour or something. I'll need to make sure to bring a book or something because all of the magazines in the office are lame.

Friday (please pray to whoever you believe in that I don't make it to that) I have another ultrasound... again... to make sure my baby fluids are still high.

THEN... and here comes the best part.... We wait some more.

THIS GETS EVEN BETTER, as icing on the frustrating cake... I have FINALLY gotten stretch marks (Hurray....) My ever-cooperating body thought it would add insult to injury and grant me some beautiful stretchmarks due date. Thanks.

This weekend was actually not the worst thing ever.

I did only 1 of the 3 things I was planning on...

Friday after an emotional breakdown at work, a visit to the Midwives - where the temp in the office was only a scoach up from Hades (I stripped almost completely naked for a quick lady parts exam). I had 2, plus a little more (please, feel free to use your judgey eyes... I could care less) of wine while Charlie made me a Salmon dinner with asparagus. Then, Marina and I went to Target so she could get snackies for the Cumbies and the nurses at UNC Children's Hospital... we also got Cook Out... I made the very strong choice of getting a reese's milkshake in place of the Peanut Butter Fudge (three cheers for self-control).

Saturday, My Saint of a Mother came made the 1.75 hours trip each way to visit and keep me company on Saturday. We went to the State Fair... had a Frozen Banana with chocolate and nuts.. Mexican Food (Naturally, not at the fair)... Went to Target... For the second time... then went to Whole Foods for dinner, bought some bangin cookies... and watched a chick flick. It was wonderful

Sunday, We had waffles (just the frozen to toaster ones, who are we Barefoot Contessa?) then had 1.5 naps before going to meet badass Callie at Moe's (3rd time for Mex or Tex Mex this week...) I then went home, watched Shark Tank... freaking awesome show... then went to get pumpkins with Charlie...This one is waiting to be put outside...

Sweet little punkin...

Then we went on a walk (yes people, I am walking... I hadn't heard it's supposed to help bring about labor.. thanks.) then went to Jersey Mikes where I had a 1/2 of a GIANT sub.. that is the name and the description. AND... Mistake ahead... 2 servings of the nectar of the gods... Diet Mountain Dew. Which only kept me away until 12:45 am. Joy.

Because I don't have any pictures of the love child yet... this angry beast will have to subdue you.

Just Warming up my spot.

Also, If you didn't notice... The Eggplant Parm didn't work, Nor does eating spicy food, Nor does walking... Hanky Panky... Acupressure... or thinking about going into labor REALLY REALLY Hard...

I'm guessing that anything less than planning and paying for a non-refundable trip to an exotic island this weekend would bring her along.

P.S.S... I have already versed the lecture she is going to get once she's out. Hope she comes out ready to apologize.


  1. Hang in there, Laura! Babies do come out eventually. I was so in your same position! I've learned that there is so little control we have over anything... We're all anxious for that little girl to get here, though I am sure not quite as anxious as you! Keep us posted!