Thursday, August 7, 2014

Almost 3 weeks in

I've been trying to write this post all week, but someone(s) kept preventing that from happening, three guesses who...

So we've gotten past the Odyssey that Virginia put us through. Honestly, I know it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been, but it was a lot for us.

Let me tell you how having two kids, at least for me.

How do people do this with more than 1 kid?

Yes, that dog beside the chair is wearing a diaper.

To start, having another baby makes me question... WHEN will it get easier??

I think when I had MM, I had accepted that things were going to be super hard (which they were) and I thought things would take forever to get easier (which they did).

But now, things are NO easier but I am constantly asking myself when things will get easier????

Maybe it's maternal amnesia, but I swear MM didn't get this fussy all the time. It seems like V is either sleeping, fussing, or feeding. And when she feeds, she needs to nurse on both sides twice before she is satisfied. Also, for some reason I thought MM was awake and not fussing more than V has been.

I'm 100% sure it is normal, but WHY??? It's so tough!

We have been BEYOND blessed with family and friends coming to visit and HELP. I need to give THE biggest shout out to my mom, because not only did she come and keep MM preoccupied the week before I delivered, then came back and kept her at our house the WHOLE week we were in the hospital, and now this week as Charlie goes to orientation for work. It's SO SO SO amazing.

And MM... she is learning and adapting, but it's going to be a long road. She has been more defiant and somewhat clingy, but only when we're cooking for some reason. Although she isn't the biggest cuddler, she really doesn't want to sit beside me. I'm sure it's more situational than I'm letting on, but it REALLY hurts.

A few nights ago, we had just put MM down (who, I'll also say doesn't want me to rock her and/or sing to her at night anymore) and I was, of course, nursing V. I told Charlie that I don't know if we are doing this right. Like, are we making this transition successfully?

It's going to get better, I know it will. But the very deep and dark bags under my eyes really aren't boding well.

Also, for friends who are coming over to drop foods, or better yet, eating with us (We do like it, promise) please disregard how I and our house look. If it weren't for my mom, I will get into how much of a SAINT she is later, the house would look beyond terrible.

She was here from Saturday until today and was a saving grace while I was caring for the eating machine that is Virginia. She lovingly did the following:

Washed Dishes
Washed Clothes
Mary Margaret's one-on-one playmate
Cooked Meals
Kept us fully stocked on Diet Coke
Let me vent to her upon obvious frustration/worry/inability to handle this lifestyle
Held V while I took showers, slept, etc.

She went home, begrudgingly, this afternoon, that was my diet coke at our last lunch together.

I believe we were watching part of our 2 hours of Steve Harvey we have taken to watching on our leaf. Which is why MM is lost.

Today being Thursday, Virginia had a much better day, lots less constant crying/needing to feed and more awake time which made her resemble more of MM's temperament, and gave me some time to enjoy her.

Please please please let this keep up little V, I would REALLY appreciate it.

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