Friday, August 22, 2014

Becoming Mrs. McCants Part 2

We go on our first date which was I'm sure more than Charlie should have paid. Also, on our first date, Charlie introduced me to his best friend Michael, which should have been a good sign.

And then a few more dates, and then Charlie drives a group of us down for the Carolina Cup, holding my hand the whole way (again with the sweetness).

April 24 2009, Charlie and I head to Asheville, NC for the Ray LaMontange concert. We drove up after he got out of work, camped out after the concert and had a great time. At this point, Charlie and I fell in love with each other.

Charlie then convinced me to move from Wilmington to Raleigh. Which also implied I wasn't going to be going to Taiwan (my parents were BEYOND thrilled I wasn't leaving). He found me a job working as a lifeguard at a country club and I found a room to rent in town. Pretty much anything to keep me around.

We wined (and wined and more wined) and dined around downtown Raleigh, with one night in particular at our favorite whiskey bar The Foundation, where among whining I said "I just want to marry you!" Cryptic no?

As our relationship is going along, Charlie and his good friend Matt are planning on going to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela it is a month long pilgrimage from southern France to the middle of Spain. Leaving me in Raleigh with no way to contact him but e-mail that he may get to check at an internet cafe.

Right before he left for Spain we went to a good friend's wedding where he was a groomsman. After the rehearsal dinner we all went to the Busy Bee where he relayed a conversation where he'd told Matt if I was still around after the Camino, he would be putting in the moves to propose.


Charlie goes to Spain, I stay in Raleigh attached to my phone for updates and stalking the mailman for postcards.

OK, so part 3 it's the last one, Promise!

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