Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BAM! 3 weeks

I believe this is a lot of rambling, but whateve's

Charlie and I were looking back at this time with Mary Margaret and it seems like things haven't changed.  Things were as hard as I think they are.

Last maternity leave I was OBSESSED with Friday Night Lights, I couldn't get enough (still can't) but this time I have much less TV watching time, because you know. Toddler. but when I'm supposed to be sleeping (and V is supposed to be trying to learn to sleep in her bassinet) I'm watching my newest obsession, Scandal.

This may be too much, and I'm sure I'll take it back later, but I since the first episode, I wanted to name our next daughter (because, come on you know we're going to have a gaggle of girls) Olivia. I'm sure it would be too much for her to know her name came from some TV show.  But that should tell you how obsessed I really am.

OK, anyway. We went for our 3 week appointment and our little piglet is a whopping 10 pounds. Auntie Allison was here for the day and then came to our appointment with us, I said less that 9 1/2 pounds, Auntie said over. Of course, she was right. Allison was also the lucky person to take MM to swim lessons this week. MM was cold after the lesson, and this is how I found her.

This week is my week with both girls alone. Say many a prayer for me. Going from being a working mom, to a stay at home mom of two. Tuesday we went for a long walk in the new cadi-stroller. And then everyone took a two our nap. Then Charlie was coming home, so really is wasn't a true first day.  Tomorrow (Thursday) is Charlie's real first day of school... So

My doula(s) stopped by on Sunday and we chatted about the labor and delivery. I mentioned to them about how nervous I am about staying alone with both girls. They gave me permission to not do any housework and just make it through the day. Done. I'll take that.

The fussing is getting better, little by ear busting little. We're getting more awake time, which is great and I'm eager to get a smile but I know like most thing, it will come when she's ready. I don't know if other second-time mothers feel this way, but I never want to deny this little one the opportunity to sleep on me. I know that with MM I was good about letting her sleep in the swing, but since V doesn't like it (she does like the rock'n play most of the time, only if she's already asleep) it's so easy to get her to stay asleep on me. It's a real bad habit to start, but ohh, it's so sweet and easy right now.

Ok, so not me, but Auntie Allison, and the un-likable lamb swing in the background.

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