Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Closet Envy?

As I was browsing my Zulily daily emails (who isn’t enticed to buy at least one thing a day? Not you? You may be lying)

I ran across these baby closet organizers for their kids' clothes.

When I think back to when I was pregnant with MM, I had her closet stocked with HANGING ONESIES (just typing that is absurd). To think that I would be using them as poop catchers and spit up rags in the coming months makes me giggle now.

Now, let us peruse MM’s closet now. There are a few jackets that are obviously not appropriate for the 90+ degree weather we’re having in May. Long sleeved shirts (also not necessary) a few short sleeves and dresses… Which we wear in frequent rotation and the ones that currently fit are loving hand-me-downs which have been lifesavers as I underestimate
1) The quickness the heat set in this spring
2) how little MM has to wear for said heat
3) Most things related to raising a toddler (for another time..)

Also, a vase of fake flowers, a wedding dress, a box of thank you notes from my wedding... obviously baby items.

Now let’s take a look at the looming Miss V’s Closet.

Yes, you can see there is nothing in there but some diapers stuffed into the shelves and some shirts Charlie has forgotten to move (despite my constant, self-aware nagging) and new hangers that allude to the thought of her wearing clothes. Ohh, and a snow white outfit. Naturally.

What you can’t see is there are a few Newborn (that was a mistake I know.. I was being optimistic when I bought them) Side-snap shirts, and some pants I got on major sale at Old Navy and Baby Gap, Ohh and maybe some of MM’s old onesies that AREN’T completely ruined by poop stains.

Please let my daughters know how spoiled they are in the clothes department sometime. I beg you. I assume their tiny heads will get overwhelmed with the clothing choices…

Also, to continue with the Closet Organizers, there is a newborn section included. I believe once I came to my senses about what newborns wear, only a few dresses, mainly a baptism dress (that is if you baptized your children as newborns, we didn’t… heathens) would be in that section. I’m sure I’m going to look back at MM’s old clothes and find some fancy smocked thing that I coveted and only let her wear for a picture or something… but until I find that… “What on Earth would you hang in the Newborn section of a baby’s closet??”

If you do have these hanging dividers, I applaud you and your organizational skills because I think it's beyond obvious that I don't and the more children we have the less likely I'm going to dig it out of the piles of laundry and dishes that I avoid doing. 

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