Friday, May 2, 2014

Of course you'd never ask...

but I'm going to tell you anyway.

This week I feel like know I've been phoning it in as a mom. We had pizza (once frozen) at least twice, multiple mac and cheese dinner that were then lunch and then dinners again, along with a handful of a veggie looking thing, let's just assume it's peas and corn. OK, it is always peas and corn. And I had a glass of something alcoholic almost every night.
Yes, I know I'm pregnant.
NO, I don't care about having a drink at night (sometimes in the afternoon... so there).

AND, done.

I feel like Charlie and I have had crazy schedules this week, but honestly it wasn't anything more than normal. Maybe it was because Charlie was on Easter break last week and we got spoiled, but whatever it was, it took it out of us both and we're worse for wear now.

We did come off of a fun and busy weekend with many a friendly dinner including this one, that shows some food, mostly drinking, and lots of babies.

We made our re-incarnated weekly visit to Kids Eat Free night at Moe's then made the more than huge mistake of taking a toddler to Home Goods. Like WORST. IDEA. EVER. Luckily I have a loving husband who followed her around and struggled to keep us from buying all of the glass items in the store.

We also jumped riiiiight into third trimester. Joy. If you have ever been pregnant you know that's when everything slows down and gets harder to breath.

This should fully explain her emotions on both third trimester and the amount of pasta she's eaten in the last week.

Part of the stress from this past week was that 2 of the 3 people that keep MM while I'm working are either having their second children or leaving the state AND having more children. BUT the wonderful and ever saintly Mandi from Messy Wife Blessed Life said "Yes! I will take MM and the impending V coming this fall!" And my heart was overjoyed! 

MM and her future husband Finnegan Francis. We take these things very seriously.

From Mid-May to June we have ever wonderful Mandi and another good friend (also leaving us I'll note) will be watching MM until Charlie can get out of school and be daddy daycare ALL SUMMER!!

Part of the crazy week was the numerous appointments we had. I had my (almost) 30 week appointment, gestational diabetes test, and  MM had her 18 month. The very nice dr. told us that "Yes, she may be the 90+th percentile for weight but it's nothing to worry about right now" super... I imagine the fore-mentioned pasta and lack of veggie throwing at her could be the explanation. 

Sure.. Pasta while we wait for the doctor sounds like the perfect thing. And yes, there is corn and some peas in there.

So this is from the other month, but I found it on the million of phone pictures and must re-display.

Upon review, I believe I have at least 1/2 of the pictures on this post with MM topless or 100% birthday-suited. 

Like I said, phoning it in.


  1. Ah, so I'm the winner (loser?) who gets to watch your girls because no more babies here. :)

    1. I believe I called you saintly, madam ;)