Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Funday (?)

So if you don't know, now you know...

We're having another girl coming in July (let's be honest, it's really going to be August). Meaning of course I was wrong, again. Apparently I know nothing about my body being pregnant or if there is a difference between one pregnancy and another. They really weren't that long ago, you'd think I would have picked up on a few things.

The ultrasound tech told us with lightening speed, and I had barely gotten the "goo" on me before she was all "are you finding out today? Yes? okitsagirl" Right there. Thanks for the build up.

We are of course excited AND have picked a name that I'm going to tell you because it will make me not change my mind 100 more times in my head.

Her name will be Virginia (yes, like the state... if there were any other way to pronounce it) Mae McCants. She is named after one of Charlie's grandmothers, also a Virginia Mae Parsons McCants

We are trying to get MM to start learning the same and she is now slightly interested in "Baby Ginua", so I think that'll count for a win for less than a week. Also, apparently said grandmother had that nickname, without the "baby" part. So that may be sticking for a while, who knows.

Too much? I don't care.

Since I'm giving up Hulu for lent (I knowwwww, my vices!!! Nashville!! don't get me started about what's going to happen when The Mindy Project comes back... Sundays! Another reason to love you!),
I am going to pick up crocheting again. I killed myself made a blanket for MM before she was born, which I don't think I've really even used, but took me months to finish after pulling out rows and rows and rows trying to get things to line up.

Anyway, I need a new pattern and color. I believe I know where to go to get some but the idea seems daunting again to start something so new that will take me so long.

I am writing this during nap time, when I should be doing more constructive things like napping, cleaning, laundry, etc. BUT I haven't had the chance to enjoy a good nap all weekend. MM and I drove to High Point on Friday night and then home to Raleigh on Saturday afternoon and MM napped exactly until we pulled up to the house before she was roaring to go again. Ohh and Charlie was out of the house until dinner time, which wasn't really helpful at all.

While online shopping the other day I put approximately $130 worth of little girl clothes in the shopping cart, most of them were onesie sets and pants for "Ginua", texted Charlie we were in trouble, and then swiftly closed the window. Whew, that was a close one, I know I need to take stock of the girl clothes I have from MM, but without a doubt she pooped through 65% of her 0-3 month onesies. Those times before we knew that every diaper being a blow-out maaaaay mean that we need to up the diaper size. Ohh rookies.

Ohh also, my mom took MM to Triangle Park yesterday (Saturday) and said someone recognized MM. Come forward to collect your prize (there is no prize), but I would love to know who it was! My sweet mother pretty much only remembers the people SHE went to High School with and very little of my class, so please don't be offended!

Ok, carry on people. You have 1/2 a day of freedom left before Monday.

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  1. I had a friend named Virginia and I always thought it was a lovely name. I'm glad you're sharing the name because it drives me batty when people find out and share the sex and know the name but don't share it. Probably not as batty as I drive those by not finding out the sex, but yeah, it's all about me, right? We have the next three girls (that we may or may not ever have) named already and I don't mind sharing the names at all even before we are pregnant.