Tuesday, March 4, 2014

You may fall asleep reading this...

Today is Fat Tuesday, so of course I am eating all the things, which you would think a norm for a 5 month pregnant lady, but I swear I'm trying to be better this time around so I won't gain ::cough cough:: 50 pounds this time. But, what can you do... right?

Among all of the other things Charlie is forcing me I'm giving up for lent, being slack about blogging is one of them. I can't say how often I'll post, but I will be more often than the record of never-times-a-week that I've been holding.

We are a leeeetle over 5 months pregnant and we're going to find out the gender of le' baby McCants next Wednesday. Honestly, I'm thinking bouy (mark that because it means FOR SURE we're having another girl) for a few different reasons, but mostly because my normally dry face has become a bonafide pizza face for the last 3 weeks.

Hmm what else have we been doing over the last 3 months since I posted last?


Welp, I went to Honduras and made it home safely. Charlie and MM were able to survive without me for the week, with LOTS (I repeat) LOTS of help from very kind souls who I must have found a place in their big hearts to drive, drop off, watch, feed, etc them while I was gone.

As a group we were able to see 1,700 Hondurans in 5 days of clinic, and the people there were SO appreciative and came to see us with some very interesting stories many of them involving walking hours to get to us, and unfortunately some of those same walkers, not having eaten or drunken anything in hours/days.

Here is a photo montage of our trip

The "cattle truck" that most non-pregnant (I was the only one) ride for 45 minutes  both ways up a non-paved VERY rocky road. This took them (us) to clinic for everyday. The bandanas are to help prevent the mercury dust from being inhaled on the ride.

Our view on the ride up to clinic. It was rocky and horrible, but at least the view was nice.

The little cathedral that was in the town of El Corpus. One day (Wednesday?) there was a beautiful choir practice that ran for close to 2 hours with the same song.

"Es Spike", whose real name is I believe is "Spot" per Mama Tula, our wonderful host who is a firm believer than everyone should eat tortillas with every meal, washed down by a "juice" drink.

A blurry picture of everyone staying at Mama Tula's house. My main girl Callie is in the black shirt and Mama Tula is the one barely clutching the huge 6 month old baby. I believe this was the only time she held the baby because babe was (and is, I assume) a HOSS. Good for you baby, enjoy that chub.

A glimpse of the crowd of people waiting in line to see the practitioners (which I was not one of). There were 5 practitioners most days and there were SO many cute little babies. I would pick one baby out each day at STALK the family until they held still long enough for me to mumble some spanglish at them and clutch the baby for as long as the mother was courteous. Normal, right?

This isn't the whole group that came, I wanna say it was everyone but the people from Atlanta and Alabama. Or Maybe all of the people that do or used to live in North Carolina (?).

Either way, the person I hold responsible for me going on this adventure is the lady in the blue scrub top and green bottoms with brown hair. Also of note, she is my boss... so honestly, once I got started I  couldn't back out. She is also really sweet and it was fun to see her in a different environment, one where we both kinda feel horrible, but are getting a lot of of the trip.

In Comayagua, this is the oldest cathedral in the Latin America, but if you ask someone like Charlie, he would spout off that it is easily the oldest cathedral in the southern hemisphere. That thing to the left is a bell tower which would be considered a safety hazard by any American standard.

I'm sure I wasn't supposed to take pictures in here, but... you know.

These little cherubs had different faces and went around in a circle, I wanted to get a better picture but I didn't want to cross any lines and get in trouble.

I kept a journal during this trip and it was the longest I've every held one exclusively. When I got home Charlie was so interested in all of the cool and touching stories I had, but mostly I told him about every meal I ate and all of the inside jokes that Callie and I had. I'm sure he knew it was a week well spent.

Well this post turned more into a Honduras run down than intended but that lets me stall for a little while before I have to make up something else to write about.

Also, I REALLLLLY wish I'd had some pancakes today for National Pancake day.

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