Monday, March 10, 2014

Trying hard to keep my word

So I really am going to try and keep this thing going. It's hard to get back into the habit of doing something. RIGHT?

We find out what the little teddy bear is on Wednesday. Still thinking boy... Charlie and I did the extremely scientific string and wedding band test last night, and it remained boy. So I think I should buy all of the male-oriented baby clothes in the next 36 hours (Non-Refundable, Naturally).

On Saturday my In-Laws graciously took MM for the whole night so Charlie and I could have a night to pretend we weren't parents (not-forgetting the small child holding court inside me). We stayed out until, get this 11:00 pm (!!) and went to a trendy Burger-Sushi fusion place, which you wouldn't think I would find anything to eat at, but you would be wrong, as I don't care about withholding Sushi during pregnancy.

We were excited about coming home, relaxing, watching SNL with my girl Lena Dunham as the host, until we walk into this monstrosity.

We'd gotten him that blue toy to prevent such a thing as we thought he was bored. Apparently that just made him angry, or something, because he really gave that bag of pancake mix a talking to. Lucky(?) for us he kept it all in the confines of the rug and then accompanied it with some drool which makes it impossible to remove the now batter from. I was up for a long while that night vacuuming flour, which is obviously beyond easy to eradicate from your house, and then... cleaning out the vaccuum, with -get this- another vacuum. Wild. and. crazy.

Not sure if it's needless to say or not, but his Sunday was not his finest.

He added insult to injury today when I came home to find he had also "marked" the spot with the most flour, just to turn that knife a little more.

Putting her on this ride was one of the scariest things I've ever done. 
I was running around the little circle like a crazy woman.
I know you moms of toddlers who NEVER sit still or in a chair would have been worried that their child 
would climb out and drown in the water too. 
You would, trust me.

Mary Margaret is really become a ham these days. She loves dancing and clapping to Pharrell's song "Happy".

She is working her way through singing (understanding? Doubtful) the ABC's. Mostly because we like to watch the Usher and India Arie Sesame Street versions on YouTube when it's the morning witching hours between not-late-enough-for-a-nap and not-lunch-yet time.

Her choice foods are:
Sweet Potato - "Tato"
Cheese - "Eese"
Grapes - "Apes"
More Cheese - "Mo Eese"
Pasta - "Asta" with no red sauce,
Nothing green that isn't a pea or sometimes a misplaced broccoli - "Ere Mom" ("Here Mom"as she hands it to me)
Ham - "Am"
Bread - "chicken"(?)
Yogurt or Water - "Ogut"
Milk- "Moo"
Pizza - "itza"
Oatmeal - "Ereal"
Cherrios with milk - "Ereal"

and just today... green smoothies "ooie", which she of course loved and looks like she ate a mouth full of pesto.

We go back and forth with berries and corn.

She will eat the life out of a free Moo Moo Mr. Cow from Moe's, along with queso her Aunt Allison slips her. Which she calls an "Itto" (Burrito)

She also has her first job, which she takes super seriously and talks about constantly. Fore mentioned Aunt Allison has two tiny dog-like children that she asks us to take out twice a week. Of course MM will.not.stop talking about one of them, his name is Robo and he is the constant talk of conversation starting when MM wakes and ends usually as we're brushing teeth. He is the light of MM's world.

Charlie is the wonderful loving man that he always is, and is getting groceries for us at 10:30 at night after a full days work, and then going back to work around bath time, then sent me a story for my nightmares.

Now, I was mad when Amy Poehler and Will Arnett called it spits

... and apparently Brandi is a liar (I imagine it's a Real Housewife of some State/City I don't travel to)

If you're really lucky, I may bang out a post when we find out what the gender is, but... I can't promise anything. That would be twice in one week.... aaaaaaand that may be stretching it on my creativity.

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