Saturday, July 14, 2012

I am so lame

So it's July... and If looking back, You'll see I posted last about the new year.

I'm obviously very good at blogging... Very up to date and keeping everyone well informed.

I thought I would catch everyone up on thing going on in my life.

1) If you don't know me in real life... hence not friends on Facebook, because that is the peak of friendship these days... Mr. McCants and I are pregnant with our first little one. She is due in Early October (pray that she doesn't stay in there until Halloween, because who knows what kinda monster she might look like then..) and will be cute, sweet, wonderful, and sleep through the night immediately (the last one is a lie).

Here is proof...

2) We are now collecting any free baby stuff or extra load of money people would like to lovingly give. Contact me and we will talk about my address :)  

3) I have started crocheting again and am almost done with Mary Margaret's (ohh, right that's baby McCantses name) first blanket. It's coral colored, has little bobbles on it, in short it is the cutest thing every that I have made (and seen). Obviously MM will be the cutest thing I have ever made.

4) None of my t-shirt fit. I have to wear Charlie's

5) I bought pregnancy jeans today, it was a sad day. I even went up 2 (or 3) sizes not to mention the extra they give you for being pregnant...

6) There is no such thing as sexy pregnancy panties. I think that explains itself

7) The McCants house has a new love complete and utter obsession for (Pasteurized) goat cheese. It is like crack cocaine to Charlie and I (and MM too, but she has no choice). If you haven't tried it. It's good, seriously, not like people say Plain Greek yogurt with "some honey" is good, I mean really. Stinking, you'll search the house trying to find SOMETHING to put it on, only to just eat it straight... kinda good.

8) We fall more and more in love with Buckley everyday. I mean I'm worried (only kinda-sorta) about how he's going to take the attention shift when MM is born... But in the last months he has defiantly gotten more sweet. And he's just so stinking cute... I mean come on, look at this.

How does a picture like this not make you smile?

Buckley will be loving the extra food particles thrown on the floor, although he'll be waiting for a little while before MM is up and eating food she can thrown/drop.

9) Charlie is still plugging away at Duke Divinity School, Although he finally saw the light (I tried to show him the light long ago... boys...) and switched to a Masters of Theological Studies (MTS for those in the "know") which makes his masters program only a 2 year degree (Thank the Lord) which means he can stop sitting/ laying around that gorgeous campus all day and get back to real people's work sooner :)

10) Mary Margaret is supposed to be born the Thursday before Charlie has reading week (Reading week is when the wife of Grad Students assume they are sleeping/napping/going to lunches while everyone else is still working like normal adults. Although rumor has it this isn't true). I'll be taking bets now to see if she really does come out of my lady parts in said time frame.

11) I usually like to end things on an even number... I know I'm weird like that. But this is more a request than anything. If anyone knows a stay at home mom in the Raleigh/ Durham area that would like a little more scratch (note: Money) a few times a week, Chuck and I are looking for sweet loving moms or not moms... to watch MM starting spring semester (2013) for about 2 days/week. We're trying our hardest not to have to pay "The Man" almost my whole salary for daycare.

So drop me a line or a message if you know someone.


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