Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What Real Motherhood Looks Like Part Deux

I'm linking up with fellow St. Thomas More Academy wife and Mary Margaret wrangler Mandi at Messy Wife Blessed Life to weigh in on "What Real Motherhood Looks Like" a little peak into the non-pinterested, certainly not scrubbed and contently happy real life of many moms.

Remember this is just one child and one dog (along with two adults)

Here is what we're looking at here

1) cleaning spray that is used once a week to clean off MM's spot at the table

2) Charlie's clothes on the chair that have been there for at least 3 days

3) Vaccume cleaner from Sunday night

4) Sleeping-rocker thing that MM hasn't used in 6 months

4) Not Seen on table: CDs and books from 2 months ago

1) Dishes in the sink are not that old (thanks to Charlie who does 90% of all dish cleaning)

2) There is a good bet those hand towel have crusty bit and piece on them

1) Cabinet doors from a project I started at least a month ago

2) Hardware for said project

3) Stroller in the middle of the floor for a week

4) Random dog bowl

5) Beginnings of an always essential home bar

1) Yes, that is a cloth diaper and dress shirt covered baby bouncer thingy on top of a unused dog crate, why do you ask?

2) Boppy that hasn't been used in 4 months

3) Ohh "Hi" TV antenna attached to the window. Lookin' Good over there

1) Ahh, silver gift bag of who knows what

2) Clothes that have been "drying" for at least a month

3) Empty boxes for things we have around the house

4) Clothes that have been washed, should be washed, or were washed and could probably use another washing

1) All of the shoes and books and diapers

2) Purse among other random odds and ends

3) Apparently we stopped painting walls yellow at the stairs

4) Baby toys MM rarely plays with now, because she's too busy scaling stairs every time we look away.

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  1. The stroller made me laugh! Our double jogging stroller has been parked outside our front door, I've lost count. I took it to the backyard to clean it, and then I put it right back. Oops!