Sunday, August 18, 2013

Updates and pictures. I forget how to write a witty title.

I just looked at my blog and realized that the last time I posted was June 30th.


Where have I been?

Who knows really. This summer has been a whirlwind of work, baby, commuting, you know..

Here is what's been going on:

* MM is almost 10 months old (how, How did that happen?)

* She is not only standing, but cruising on the furniture

* She is finally getting another tooth, and this round of teething is being a reeeal butt. She isn't being the worst child ever, but the amount of snot we're dealing with is unreal.

* I've really been enjoying work recently, aside from the commute and not hanging with MM all the time, it's been fast paced and crazy, and I've kinda really been enjoying it.

* Charlie started back to school last week. He's teaching History, Latin, and then his chosen elective Shakespeare and Christianity. This is his first full time teaching job in a few years, and he's already worn out when he gets home. Rookie.

* I'm back to spin classes which is amazing and wonderful, but whowza my body is not used to working this hard.

Ok, so here are some pictures  of what's been going on this summer.

We turned 9 months old and started eating everything in sight

I spent a weekend away from MM with her in Charlie's sole care.
Yipee! That we all came out ok

We acquired some necessary facial accessories.

Uncle Winny left us for Yale

I giggle at this every. time.

I repeat, we're standing and cruising.

We dresses up and went for a brunch date with daddy.

Short story: I found this bow one day at Charlie's pool in a doll's duffel bag. 2 weeks later it was still there so I took it out of the Lost and Found. Maybe I should be embarrassed, but I'm not. 
It's the perfect size and I now put it with everything, even this stained and overly dirty onesie that she's wearing at Lowes at 8 am.

Oh, oh, Oh, oh!!! We're also finally getting our sweet girl Baptised!!  We're complete heathens who have no sense of religious responsibility for our child. I get it. 

also, shhh, we're getting our marriage convalidatied on the same day! Guess who's getting a new wedding dress??

I so wish.

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