Friday, December 9, 2011

An Ode to Moe's

Charlie and I love all things that are good and cheap, but they have to be both, good AND cheap
that is why we LOVE Moe's 
(Southwestern Grill for those not in the "know").

I'm talking about this Moe's

Not THIS Moe's

We love going there for a Friday night dinners as much as possible. 
It's great because neither of us have to cook, I get chalk-full of all the veggies I want.
And there is a Bangin' Salsa bar that Charlie and I DOMINATE

Now, don't get me wrong, Chipolte is very good, but there are a few differences that must be noted.

1) Chipo charges for chips (Lose one point for cheapness)
2) Chipo has awesome lime chips (Gain one point for awesome)
3) Chipo is more pricey (Lose one point for us being poor)
4) Moe's has a free endless Salsa bar (Gain two points for awesome and us being poor)
5) Chipo was once a McDiabetes (McDonald's) company but has split (gain one point for eco and health consciousness)
6) Moes has good music playing at all times ( gain one point for awesome)
7) Chipo has kick-you-in-the-mouth fantastic quac (gain one point for amazingness)
8) Moe's is a franchized company and they yell at you in a good way (Gain two points for local-ish and a good first impression)

Final: Moe's Wins!!

As much as Chipolte is a treat and I love love love it, Moe's is a better deal for what you get. 

That doesn't mean I wouldn't be down for a Chipotle trip any time day or night
 (I've been known to have left overs for breakfast)!

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